Wednesday, 10 January 2007

More wind, more rain, but two nice doubles

Well the unseasonally warm, wet and windy weather continues. It's more like a long autumn than a winter this one.

Two more trips out in the boat have produced mixed results. I suffered a miserable blank in driving rain on Sunday but then had a much better day today, Wednesday. There was a little rain in the morning and some wind in the afternoon but in between I managed two nice pike of 17lb 6oz and 18lb 11oz. Both fish took joey mackerel in about 33ft of water and both scrapped well despite being a little tatty. The larger of the two had a distended vent which suggests it may be ready for spawning - or may even have started!
The water temperature is still sitting at 7.3 degC and the fish are turning the baits very quickly. Instant striking is the order of the day just now.

An elderly piker from Southport trolled past just after I'd boated the eighteen and picked up a mid double on a Grandma lure from my swim. Well I can't begrudge it him, the old codger won't be around much longer from the look of him, I was a bit worried one of those whoops and shrieks was going to bring on a coronary!

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bun said...

All the best for 2007 Eric....great stuff!!