Friday, 12 January 2007

Carr Mill pike

Still the wind keeps me bank-bound. Had a few hours on a local water today, Carr Mill Dam, since I couldn't get out to the big lake in the strong winds. I picked up two pike, one of around six pounds and the other (pictured) a little larger. Both took lamprey and interestingly, each fish took the bait a short while after I had thrown in some chopped bait around the float.

The Dam is very coloured due to all the water that's been getting in from the heavy rain and the pike will undoubtedly be finding their food by smell rather than sight. Chopped fish thrown in around the hookbait will increase the scent trail a fair bit, I'm sure. It worked this time anyway.

Did some more work on the long range rig while I was there, Hitting seventy yards easily with a legered bait now but the pike came on the close-in rod.

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