Thursday, 25 January 2007

Blithfield Bombs but the Boat Bounces Back

...brilliant alliteration eh!

Last weekend was the second Blithfield session of the winter. This one was originally scheduled for November but was postponed due to an inclement weather forecast. It was then postponed for a second time because the reservoir was at a very high level and the boats couldn't be launched. This meant that in the end due to work commitments, I could only fish the second of the two days, Sunday. As you might expect, the Saturday turned out to be the better day - but not by much. Dave Greenwood got a fine 30lb 4oz fish on Saturday and there were a couple of other decent ones caught but on the Sunday the best fish out was just 16lbs odd. I fished with Kevin Dunne and beat him comprehensively. I caught a drogue and a landing net while Kevin just had the one drogue - the things these trout anglers drop overboard.

I was dispirited a little by the Blithfield experience but decided to take my own boat out for a couple of days and this proved to be a much more satisfying trip. The weather had changed, with light northerly winds and a distinct drop in temperature - perfect conditions for big, deep waters. Two days out on a big lake produced plenty of fish. Five doubles on the first day and then three doubles and a jack on the second day. All bar the jack took deadbaits fished in 30-40ft of water and the two biggest fish, 16lb 10oz and 19lb 11oz were both caught on the same bait, one of Morrison's finest mackerel
Although I got more, and bigger fish on day one, I was especially pleased with the fish I had on the following day. This was a day of experimentation, fishing new areas and trying out new things. All the doubles came from a swim I hadn't fished before - another one for the memory bank! Here's a pic. of the biggest. I know I look a bit constipated, the sun was in my eyes ok!

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