Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Last Minute Fish saves the Day

Just one day out this week and what a grueller it was!

Weather forecast for the day was for it to be sunny and dry so I guess it was no surprise to find the morning wet and cold. I fished several swims ranging in depth between twenty five feet and fifty five feet but it proved to be a long slow day with no runs even in the best swims.

The day dried up and got a little warmer but nothing seemed to get the pike interested and as the light started to fade at the end of the day, I wearily started to tidy the boat.

That was when i got my only run of the day. It was a skinny spawned out fish of 18lbs 6oz - never was a pike more welcome!

Surface temperature was 8.9 degrees, that's a rise of one degree in just a week. That wouldn't be significant in a river or a small pond but in a big deep lake, that's a big rise.

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