Monday, 28 December 2009

It's That Man Again

This lacklustre season continues with little to show for the (little) effort I'm putting in. A trip out to the big lake produced nothing at all for Denis and I and I was dismayed to see that the lake was packed with pikers despite the fact that we were fishing midweek. I did hook a fish, on a yellow replicant, but it came unstuck very quickly and that was that.

I've approached my fishing in a rather casual manner this season and the results have certainly reflected that. We've fished lots of different waters too. Some I've fished before, though not for years and some are quite new to me. The 18lb pike I had at Blithfield remains my biggest for the season so far but one of the new waters was kind to Denis with rather nice 21 pounder.

The water in question is a sand pit, of which there are many in Cheshire. I fish sand pits quite a lot through the season and find them very productive for big fish. Over the years I've taken roach to over 2lbs, bream to over 12lbs, tench to over 9lbs and chub to over 7lbs from sand pits but never a twenty pound pike. I reckon I must be trying too hard, a problem Denis doesn't have it seems.

While I was busy moving swims, trying different baits, chucking lures about etc. etc., Denis sat tight with his two deadbaits. Six hours after casting in, his bait was taken and he reeled in his prize. It fought well and gave him a few heart-stopping moments when it almost reached the sanctuary of an overhanging bush to his left but all's well that end's well.

Denis has outfished me on almost every trip we've had together this season but he won't be outfishing me for a while now. Two days before Christmas he slipped on the ice and broke his ankle quite badly so it's a few weeks in a cast for Denis I'm afraid.

Get well soon mate.

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