Sunday, 20 September 2009

It's Nearly Time

The long hot days of summer are finally over and autumn is here. Well actually the summer wasn't so much long and hot as long and wet. We've had higher than average temperatures alright but it's been 40% wetter than the average summer. That's not such a bad thing since it means the waterways and reservoirs are pretty full up and that is good for the pike.

I haven't fished much at all over the summer. Mrs Edwards has had me slaving in the garden cutting down trees, concreting, fixing fences and the like but I have to say, the urge to fish has been pretty weak anyway.

More recently I've dusted off the pike rods and been out and about on various stretches of river. The pike have been easy enough to catch on livebaits and lures but there's been nothing of any great size as yet. The biggest fish so far was a fourteen pounder which took a dace fished under my new Mk III planer float. I've taken a bit more care than usual making this float and it works very well, as well as being very sexy.

Things will change in a week or two. Come October 1st the stretches of river that I really want to fish will be open to pike fishing and I'll hit it hard if I get the chance. It's nearly time.

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