Friday, 11 April 2008

A Change of Direction

Nearly a month since my last blog entry - and what a miserable month it's been. Transport problems have dogged me once again, the van I bought to tide me over has had to go back due to a major defect so I've not been able to tow the boat. A couple of bank fishing sessions didn't produce much so I've only managed one double, a fish of fourteen pounds odd, since the last blog entry.

It's with some reluctance that I've had to admit my pike season is over but what should I do to fill the void? Too early for tench, though that didn't stop me from trying but the water was far too cold and I didn't even see a tench. Looking around for something else to fish for I settled on perch as a viable alternative. It's been a cold spring so far and I knew the perch would not yet be into spawning so I selected a commercial fishery off the internet and went off down there armed with a bucket of red maggots and a tub of lobworms.

I've never been to a commercial before and it was quite a culture shock. Commercial fisheries attract anglers of all description and persuasion ranging from the very experienced and well equipped match angler, through the pseudo carp angler (all the gear but no idea) and down to the absolute beginner who's there for a day out with his mates, drinking, smoking dodgy substances and generally out for a good time. Guess which type parked themselves next to me!
I can't complain. For a first try I think the day was quite a success. I managed seven perch in all, four of them over two pounds with the biggest a personal best fish of 2lbs 12oz. I expected to catch my fish on lobworm but red maggot turned out to be a better bait on the venue and so it was small hooks and fine line. This was a bit of a problem since the rods I had taken were fairly pokey 1.25lb tc models and they were just too stiff. I lost several fish due to the size fourteen hook pulling out and I'm quite sure I would not have lost those fish if my rod had been nice and soft so I'll be better equipped next time.

In time, the vermin found my baited area and moved in en-masse, hoovering up all the bait and giving bite after bite. That was the signal to leave and I headed for home well pleased with my day. I certainly caught a great deal more than the galloots who set up next to me with their barbecue, wooden picnic table and waccy baccy!

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