Tuesday, 12 February 2008

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Perch Fishing Bombs
No fish for me this week - and it might be a few weeks yet before I can threaten the local pike population further. I'm off the road for a while after a minor road accident which has left me driving a Vauxhall Corsa. Not much room for tackle in that - and it certainly won't tow the boat so I'm limited to short sessions on local waters.

There's always a silver lining of course and I took the opportunity to try out the perch fishing at a local bomb-hole. I've heard of some big perch from this particular place and so I forked out a few quid for a permit and gave it a go. It's a small pit, no more than forty yards across and I targeted it with lobworms - legered on one rod and floatfished on the other.

After three hours and just one missed bite I had a visit from the club bailiff. He checked my permit and asked how I had got on. "Nothing" I told him. "That's a surprise." he said, "We only stocked it two days ago with 6000 little roach and bream."
I visualised a group of fat perch sitting on the bottom of the lake stuffed to the gills with stockies as I packed up.

No Joy on the River
I had to give the river another go after catching the thirty but despite working very hard, moving swims time and again and fishing all over the river, I didn't get a run.
I did get back to the car park though to find that the local scallies had been having fun with the padlock. It was dripping with glue, still wet and while it still worked for me, I guess it wouldn't have worked for much longer so I was pleased to have packed up a little early or I might have been there all night.

Better luck next time hopefully.

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