Sunday, 1 April 2007

Mainland Tour

Six days pike fishing on three lakes in three different countries produced - well not a lot actually. Three doubles up to 15lbs 7oz and a few jacks in fact. A day at a Welsh water produced no fish for me or my boat partner, though we each had a hit on a lure which we didn't hook. I got a few pike up in the lakes but the best trip was away to a beautiful Scottish loch.

I had been promising myself a trip there for years but somehow something always got in the way. Not this time though, the forecast was good for a few days so off I went. It's a stunningly beautiful Loch and although I only caught jacks I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I set up camp on an island so my gear was safe while I went out fishing in the boat each day.
I did find the pike allright, but they weren't a bit interested in feeding. They were swirling and bow waving around in a shallow bay quite close to where I had camped. I did try for them but neither baits nor lures were of any use. Just one "take" on a deadbait turned out to be a line bite.
I'll make it back up there again sometime but it's going to have to be a once-a-year journey I think. £100 for diesel to get there and back and £27 to launch and fish made it an expensive trip.
Here are a few pictures of the loch.

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