Saturday, 23 December 2006

Here's my blog

When I was about eighteen I used to keep a fishing diary. It didn't last long, I've always had the attention span of a gnat, and after a year or so it was quietly forgotten.

How things have changed. These days, a diary consists of so much more than a few scribbled lines in a scruffy notebook. Now we can have pictures, sound, even movies. Here's my new diary, let's see how long I can stick it.

It's late December now, we're almost at the end of the warmest year ever recorded. It's been a slow season for me so far, not because the fishing has been particularly poor, but because I've had little time or inclination to go fishing. Instead, I've devoted a good deal of time to working on my boat. I've done a fair bit to it this year, the main change being the addition of a folding cuddy. Hopefully that will give me the encouragement to venture out in bad weather as well as good. Of course there's a danger in being too comfortable. It tends to make you linger a little too long in one spot when it pays to be mobile out in a boat. I must be careful not to adopt this "bivvy" mentality and try and stay on the move.

Here's a pic. of the cuddy. I had it made by a local tarpaulin firm, Bennett's. they did the actual fabric but the design is my own and all the supporting structure was made by me. I'm really quite proud of it!
Can't see me getting out and using the boat for a week or two yet. It's nearly Christmas and there's too much to do at the moment.
I'll keep you posted.

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PAC said...

Nice one Eric, wondered how long it would be before pikers started blogging.

Chris B